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Full Service Digital Agency

Hindusthan is an emerging leader in the business scenario. Founded in 2001 the company has been committed to providing integrated end-to-end solutions. The company aims to deliver excellence and value to consumers to facilitate increased efficiency.

In the year 2001, we pioneered as an outdoor advertising agency in Kolkata. Our ground breaking ideas brought about a new wave in outdoor Advertising. It is only with sheer dedication and tough mentality of our work force that today we have transformed into a reputed brand in this industry.

We have stood the test of time with our prompt services and transparency in implementing them. Steadily our client base grew with domestic and all India based corporate companies approaching us to fulfill their business needs. Under able leadership Hindusthan diversified into various other business endeavors.

We were able to catch up the attraction of various domestic & national clients accordingly. With obstacles in our journey we have stood the test of time and sustained the business. The various business diversions are the feathers to our crown of success. We dream to be known as HINDUSTHAN in future whose efficiency & credibility would be measured on the basis of our service & no of our satisfied clients.

We Are Committed To Our Values

Have a progressive outlook
Never compromise on our ethics. For temporary gains we refuse to ditch our morality.
We practice integrity and professionalism in every step of the project. We try to be fair as possible with employees, clients and suppliers.





Our Vision

Hindusthan aims to become a distinguished leader in relevant operations of business. We will spare no effort in providing top- notch services. We will help our clients to establish concerted podium to help them achieve their goals.


Our values define us. They form the basic idea of our organization that lead and influence our behavior and actions. Our values help us to make decisions that will be implemented throughout the company.


Our Management hierarchy brings a wealth of experience to the table of Hindusthan. The able management is focused on increasing the company’s ability to provide good opportunities for employees and grow with consumers.

Our Mission

To fulfill our customer’s business requirements with innovative and bespoke solutions for smooth operations and excel in our industry.

Our Logo

We run towards the progressed civilization with high acceleration along with radiant creativity & strong imagination which makes our head high always. We have been leaving our footprints in each & every sunrise. Our unconventional creations create the conventional more creative & concrete.
We always give priority to consumers.


Hindusthan Publicity- Media

Bengal Sun Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd.-Power

Hindusthan Online- Digital

EastinHr solution- Facility