What are the baits that should be considered before marketing a product or service?

Marketing, today, in a way depends fully on innovation. Audience tends to get attracted towards ideas that are fresh and feasible. Hence, the companies should be well aware of the baits that the audience unknowingly takes up when it comes to marketing.

If a company is selling a mobile phone, chances are that the marketing will be done in a way so that all the features of that phone is well advertised in whichever format the marketing is being done. But, the catch lies in the fact that it has to be done in a way that the audience wouldn’t expect to see. That will help them retain the memory of the product for a long time. The moral of this is, innovation is a bait that helps to increase the reach.

In a survey, it has been seen that in Indian market every second person uses the internet and keeps track of advertisements and uses that knowledge at the time of purchasing an item. Also, user reviews on the internet affects the marketing scale of the product. Which is why, companies take special measure to reach their audience in a much more simplified process to know more about how their product is being accepted among the masses.

Packaging plays an important role in marketing. When a company makes a product, apart from general marketing, it also chooses various other ways to make the target audience aware of the product even before it hits the market. Which is why, paper cups, cartoons, etc. are used worldwide to market upcoming products and services on a much cheaper price.

Another interesting source of marketing is through the daily soaps and web series that are present in the market today. To reach the audience of various age group and taste, many companies make the characters of daily soaps and of web series to showcase their products in the set as a part of the episode. This creates an impact on the mass because the audience generally follows what it sees. Also, a much bigger audience group can be covered using this alternative.

The basic point is, the more informative and innovative the marketing is, the more the revenues go up. Audience in the present day accept scenarios better than how they did in the past and the companies should totally utilise this fact to prepare their bait for a better outsourcing. In that way, marketing will reach new heights in no time.

What the audience want is what the advertising and media companies need to understand. Only then can they device means to promote and market their products and services.