Spend less, reach more

The basic mantra of marketing in today’s world is “spend less, reach more”. How less are you spending to reach a certain set of audience is what the professionals are taking into count. Which is why, “low on budget” is not a challenge but a considerable option in today’s market. You can choose to spend less and still capture most of the market depending on how you market your product.

Choose wisely

Digital marketing should top the list if you want a low cost, yet productive marketing. Usage of social media and various other online media platforms can prove to be super helpful for a low scale budget program. And not to mention, the campaigning can prove to be on the successful end. Also, the option of market analysing remains open for the advertiser. Study says that 85% of the companies rely on digital marketing as their strongest method of market.

Native marketing is a thing. Yes. It is gaining supersonic momentum in India in recent days.

Native marketing is a way of marketing in which the ads pop up in between the lines of the content you are going through. It blends up with the content and in various cases manages to take up to 53% of the attention of the reader. Hence, the scale of “reach” in native marketing is high. Native marketing has also taken up the market because of how the ads are inserted into the content. Gaining attention of the audience becomes easier.

If the area of marketing is within a closed affinity and the section of audience is only a certain percentage of the total population, then it is only economical for the advertiser to target the section using the means which is used by that certain sector frequently. For example, if the section being targeted has a base of reading, then marketing through pamphlets or magazines can be very well put into use. It will cover the target area while getting the advertiser his target audience. Also, as we are aware of, it is cheap.

Another form of effective marketing on a low budget is outdoor branding. Hoardings, posters, etc. can be put to the right use in this case. Announcements can be made all across the locality to spread the word. That way, the reach within the audience will increase. Also, since we are talking about low scale market here, the target locality and target audience can be easily scaled up by using it.

As we can see, the size of the company hardly matters when it comes to marketing these days. Even the smallest of ventures can bring in mentionable profit margin in today’s market, provided the outsourcing is done right. It is always about the “reach”.

These are some ways to scale up while keeping a low notch in budget.