Look beyond just marketing: Explore every possibility.

Till date, there have been many forms of marketing that the world has seen. From traditional forms of marketing to non-traditional to digital marketing, the era has changed within almost a blink of eyes. But the need and demand of every form has evolved to a certain level now. Before choosing the form of marketing we want to opt for, we go through the pros and cons and the reach of the campaign instead of just jumping into the project. In this blog, we will talk about a few alternative options which will help us to obtain a clearer picture about how things should work.

To create a strong foothold in the market, we need to explore different options available to us.

  1. Airline/Airport
    Today, in India, the percentage of people travelling on a daily basis has shot up to a scintillating 93%. Out of which, almost 2,44,000 of the population uses airports and airlines. This means, being able to set up a campaign in this sector would yield up to 40% of reach within the audience.
  2. Cinema
    Every year numerous films are released in Indian market to be shown in the theaters. And companies have been using this opportunity to add up to their campaigns. The ads shown in the beginning and at various point of time during a matinee show helps to boost the reach. Also, more the number of people in the theater, more the reach.
  3. Digital Marketing
    Digital marketing has taken the market under its cover in no time. It is literally used everywhere, for a better profit margin and huge reach. The advertisements that pop up when a user uses internet is one of the most common example of how digital marketing is done.
  4. Magazine
    This is one of the most common method of marketing. In fact, it is great a way to get the audience, especially those who are a regular reader of various magazines.
  5. Newspaper
    Sliding in pamphlets inside a newspaper and circulating it in the locality is a means of marketing that was there since the ancient times. It is a pretty cheap method of marketing in a given locality.
  6. Non-traditional
    Non-Traditional forms of marketing include advertisements done using various means of transport such as bus, auto, etc. Hoardings are put up on various part of the bus, on the back of the auto, etc. Some companies also use paper cups to market their product.
  7. Outdoor
    Outdoor form of marketing includes putting up of hoardings and posters in various parts of the city for the visibility of a larger part of the audience and better reach.
  8. Radio
    Radio marketing has been there since the evolution of radio in India. It is cheap and captures a considerable section of the audience efficiently.
  9. Television
    Last, but not the least, television was and always will be an efficient form of marketing in a global level.

These are some of the forms of marketing that a distributor and advertiser must know about before opting for an option.