How do you conceive a target using mainstream marketing?

First thing first, we need to understand that using the resources available to us, can fetch us the target or maximum revenue. All we need to know is how to use them well.  We need to figure a few things for ourselves before we start a campaign.

What are we aiming at?

Know your target well. If you are targeting at a better branding and expect a higher revenue from it, then your strategy should be different from a regular marketing strategy. Similarly, if you want to base your strategy on sales, then it should be the center of focus.

Device a 12 month advertisement plan:

Since a mainstream way of advertisement is being used, it is only better that a short term strategy is applied. Hence, make an about 12 month strategy about how to go about with the advertisement plans.

Know your market well:

From a survey report, it has been found that online videos will represent highest growth category in terms of marketing.

Social media marketing is going to touch 17% compound annual growth and tend to increase.

Also, mobile marketing has reached such a point of growth where it can no longer be tracked on forecast.

Hence, these factors should be put to use to make strategy a proper mainstream marketing plan.

Know what to prioritize the most:

Branding? Traffic? CRO? ROI?

Don’t be lost amidst big words. Weigh the importance of every part of the back end of the process and work accordingly.

Without a good branding, chances are that the traffic gained in the online platforms will lose its grounds. Hence, a good branding does a great deal of talking.

Without visitors to look at the products, the website loses its importance. Also, without user reviews, users seldom buy products no matter how great the branding looks and feels. Hence, traffic (both paid and organic traffic) is necessary and helpful for the growth of the compound annual revenue.

Conversion Rate Organisation (CRO), basically is a rate percentage of how many visitors in the traffic can be converted into real customers. A slight change in the strategy creates drastic fluctuation in the CRO. Hence, for an enhanced revenue of the investment made, this sector has to be well taken care of.

Cost division among the sectors of marketing:

Every means of marketing come with a special cost. It is assumed that a company puts about 41-45% of the budget for marketing. Now this has to be divided well within the sectors that will get us our target audience without costing a lot.

Outdoor marketing, social media marketing are a few ways of marketing that are very efficient mainstream marketing.

Apart from these, the market strength of the campaign should be good.

When all these factors are taken into count, any campaign with a mainstream marketing can hit home for any given average company.